Understand and Influence
shopper engagement

Remove the guesswork from making strategic business decisions, lower your operational costs, and improve your customer’s experience by identifying opportunities for improvement.

Door Counters

Provides core metric for retailers to compare location performance, adjust staff levels, compare marketing initiatives, and determine overall store conversion rate.

Fixture Engagement

The collected data drives data driven decision making on product display layout, the testing of new products, planogram evaluations, and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Digital Signage

Enables digital signage network owners to evaluate different positions in a space and different content to assess what works best. For DOOH applications, is typically used to determine cost per ad based on traffic and impressions metrics.

Vending Machine Conversion

Enables vending machine network operators to assess different positions in a space, the impact of static signage, different designs and digital attract loop content, product selection and price points.

Kiosk Engagement

Enables kiosk network operators to evaluate different kiosk positions in a space, the impact of static signage, different kiosk designs and attract loop content, as well as the overall success of the deployment of a kiosk solution

Why inReality’s Engagement Tracker?


There is no simpler, more cost effective, sensor that provides this depth of insight in the market today


The only solution on the market that does not rely on cameras or cell phone tracking 



Built on industry leading cloud platform providing a secure and manageable way to access your data

inReality's Retail Analytics platform simplifies measuring
traffic and engagement at key points of decision.